March 22, 2007

The William Blakes and stuff...

Danish band The William Blakes has asked what I think of the band's music. I this my big break-through? Does someone actually care about my opinion? Just kidding! Seriously I have to admit that I needed several listens, before "getting used to" the songs. Imagine Arcade Fire going line-dancing with Talking Heads on the first track and then suddenly Kraftwerk shows up towards the end of the second track. And everything (deliberately?) sounds like they stopped half-way through the production. Probably sounds fascinating but also quite confusing I guess? However once I worked/listened my way into the songs, a highly interesting, experimenting, innovative and promising band revealed itself. And those songs just seem to be getting better and better for every listen! Stay tuned! Links taken down!
+ On Fire
+ Beginnings

NO! The blog hasn't suddenly turned commercial. Annexet is a new café/bar in my hometown and I thought I should show my support/appreciation by posting the banner.

J.A. has sent me this link. The debut album from Mighty Six Ninety has been pushed back to August. That is certainly bad news in my small world!

It's now possible for band to upload a 5th track to their Myspace profiles. Hits In The Car favorites Ether Aura "celebrates" this new feature by uploading and sharing the track Tell Me That I'm Nothing from the incredible Before We Could Sing album. If you haven't yet bought what definitely is one of this year's finest albums (shame on you), you can do it right here for $16 (outside the US).
+ Tell Me That I'm Nothing

Thanks to gorilla vs. bear I've just downloaded the brand new track Fake Empire by The National. From the forthcoming album - Boxer. After 3 listens I really, really like it! The hype has started...
+ Fake Empire


Anonymous said...

The William Blakes er møgfede! Jeg opdagede dem på Myspace igår - fedt at du også kan lide dem!

- Rasmus

Anonymous said...

I like this blog. You shoud write more regularly.