April 28, 2009

Tale of Hope...

I do feel better today (thanks for asking btw.), but since better doesn’t equal great, there’s still plenty of room for improvements.

I’ve given Two Suns by Bat For Lashes a couple of good spins today, just to check out if it’s as good as everyone says it is. It IS a very beautiful album. I won’t even try to discuss that. But there is a reason why I only own very few records with female vocalists and though I cannot pinpoint exactly what that reason is, I somehow always find it difficult embracing and falling in love with those kinds of albums. And as much I’d like this to change Two Suns doesn’t seem to be the album that does the trick.

In a distant past (3+ years) I featured Florida band The Monday Photo a couple of times and back then it seemed logic that an album would come out any day. However time flew quickly, but in May last year the band announced that the recordings of the debut had begun. Fast forwarding to current times, and a new demo track Tale of Hope has been published. The good part is that it sounds just as brilliant as most of the songs we’ve previously heard. The worse (or maybe even bad) is there’s still no news on how the album is progressing. Tale of Hope as well as 4 re-recordings (?) of older tracks are downloadable over at Last.fm.
+ Tale of Hope
+ Stellar & the Lifeguard

Gorilla vs. Bear has drawn my attention to this “brat pack mashup” video for the Phoenix track Lisztomania. I grew in the eighties watching those movies (Pretty in Pink has the best soundtrack ever), so I immensely enjoyed this nostalgic flashback. The Phoenix track used for this purpose, which is from the band’s forthcoming album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, is simply irresistible and made the thrill of watching those old movie clips even greater. Boy – wasn’t Molly Ringwald absolutely gorgeous back in those days?

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