March 7, 2014

The Facebook experiment...part three...

The HITC Facebook page sure looks more and more like an experiment rather than something that will eventually turn into a success. A stunning 2 additional "likes" since Monday is not exactly something that will make you go wow! But it doesn't change that it is easier, faster and in every way imaginable far more convenient than this blogger thing! So get used to it...

A quick Facebook summary:

J.A. (he's still around and will certainly continue to influence the Facebook updates like he influenced hundreds of blog posts) recommends this one by UK trio Violet Hours.

New superb dreamy guitar pop sog by Night Flowers.

Want to shout from the highest mountain top how truly, truly fabulous Morning Phase is.

And a new catchy track from New Zeeland one man project Junica.

Cool video and cool song from Withered Hand. "Did you put a horseshoe in my glove?"


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