February 18, 2005

A-Ha: Scoundrel Days

I remember that when the album was released in 1986 I quickly judged it as "bad", because it did not contain the obvious hit songs as Hunting High and Low. However it didn't take long for me to change my mind, because it was clear to anyone that the band had matured in a very positive way since their debut album.
Today Scoundrel Days works a whole lot better than the first album and to me is a clear-cut pick as their best album.
I have two complaints/questions concerning the album though. Why was Alan Tarney asked to produce, because on too many occasions Morten Harket sounds like Cliff Richard (this definitely is no accolade)? And why was the horrible Cry Wolf ever included?
Best songs:
1) The Swing of Things
2) Scoundrel Days
3) Manhattan Skyline

Neil Young: After The Gold Rush

On 21 January 2005 I wrote that I was looking forward to getting more familiar with this album. Since then I've probably listened to it a dozen times and have grown into loving it. It's easy to hate his thin, fragile voice, but the songwriting is unbelievable, which makes this a highly recommendable album. Simply explained this is just one of those albums that seem to get 5% better each time you listen to it!
Best songs (forcing myself to pick 3 even though the album consists of 11 brilliant songs!):
1) Birds
2) Only Love Can Break Your Heart
3) After The Gold Rush

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