February 9, 2005

Some picks from my recent "compilation":

Moby: Lift Me Up
Maybe Eminem doesn't like Moby, but I must admit I do. And the new single sure make me look even more forward to the new album.

Doves: Black and White Town
This is not there best single release so far, but still a nice "appetizer" from the upcoming album.

The Radio Dept.: Lost and Found
Every song I've heard so far by this Swedish band is just great. So the album "Lesser Matters" has been added to the wish list!

I'm currently listening to "Darklands" by The Jesus and Mary Chain. The one big problem about this nostalgic trip I'm currently experiencing is that it becomes more and more obvious that I'm getting terribly old. 18 years had gone since the release of "Darklands". It's a cliché, but it sure seems like it was yesterday!

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