April 4, 2005

I'm still thinking of writing a little more about the new Kent album. A quick look shows that I've listened to the album 28 times at work! Adding to this the number of times at home and in the car I'm probably close to 40 listens. Needless to say I do like the album a lot.
I mean - If I didn't I guess 40 listens would be a sick kind of masochistic torture?
Hopefully soon I will stop thinking about it and start writing instead! Until I actually do that, I recommend that you listen to Du & Jag D�den yourself.

Krafty by New Order has so far been my office hit of the day. This song is not even close to being their most inventive one, and it does unmistakable sound a lot like, well, New Order. But I guess that's not all that bad, when you like that typical New Order sound?
Amazing - it feels like these guys have been around forever (at least in my musical life) and they are still going strong!

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