April 21, 2005

New album added to my CD-collection (19 to go before reaching 1000):
Iron & Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days

Still waiting for 5 more CDs to arrive from www.cdon.com. Apparently they have disappeared in the mail, so they will ship them one more time!

My wife is going to London this weekend and I will ask her to pick up the albums by The Bravery and Kaiser Chiefs for me. I can't say that I'm not a bit jealous. She is going to London and I'm staying at home looking after the kid! But to be honest (and one really must be) I shouldn't fell that sorry for myself, because I'm going to see Kent tomorrow night, which I wouldn't switch for a trip to London or anywhere else (well almost).

So far I've received 3 out of 6 CDs in the CD swap organized through RYM (see one of my previous posts). No doubt that the swap is serving its purpose, because I have already been introduced to lots of new music though I haven't had enough time yet to give the CDs proper listens!
I will probably only grow into liking a very small fraction of the stuff, but no matter what, it is always nice to learn about unfamiliar artists.
Best song so far is clearly Point Being by The Lucksmiths. An Australian band that I've never heard of before, but sure sound like they are worth checking out!
One of the CDs contains lots of prog-rock music (bands like Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Anathema, Godspeed You Black Emperor etc.), which probably will be a difficult one to "swallow" when listening to all of the songs in a row. But I will do my very best to approach it with an open mind!
I'm actually listening to the prog-rock CD right now (might as well get it over with) and finding it a bit difficult not to skip some of the tracks. Though I must admit that I do like some of the stuff as well!

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