May 27, 2005

I've put my WMP on shuffle mode (3458 songs to choose from) and I will make a short comment on the first 10 songs played. I'm hopeful that not too many embarrassing ones will show up?

1. Guns N' Roses: You're Crazy (Appetite for Destruction)
I've read so much positive about this album, so a while back I decided that it was about time that I tried to listen to it properly, because I've owned my copy for more than 10 years. So far the mission is incomplete and if this a typical song from the album it probably will stay that way for a long time.
I guess there are many ways to say that I don't like that song?

2. U2: So Cruel (Achtung Baby)
I just love that album (one of six albums I've given a 5 star rating) and this song is simply wonderful!

3. Counting Crows: Holiday in Spain (Films About Ghosts)
This was one of the first albums I bought this year, but so far I haven't listened to it. I don't even know if this is a new or old song, but it's a typical and nice song by the band.

4. Aaron McMullan: Don't Give No Fuck No More (120 Removed (April Songs))
Like I've done a few times before I still recommend that you try to listen to this stuff yourself. According to Audioscrobbler I'm his biggest fan!

5. The Clash: Brand New Cadillac (London Calling)
I found the CD at the library and ripped it, because I wanted to listen to it before actually buying it. I'm still undecided, because I'm not sure whether I really like this stuff or not!

6. Magnetic Fields: Bitter Tears (69 Love Songs)
Another album I found at the library and I still haven't worked my way through all of the songs (69 songs are quite a lot!). But first impression overall is very positive, so there is a good chance that I'll end up buying the album someday!

7. Steve Winwood: Come Out and Dance (Refugees of the Heart)
Unlike many other I quite like this album, though this is one of the weaker moments.

8. Belle & Sebastian: Sleep the Clock Around (The Boy With the Arab Strap)
I originally bought the album, because one of the songs was featured in High Fidelity. I used to enjoy listening to it back then, but the last few times I haven't been all that impressed. Pretty good song though this one.

9. Sigur Ros: Flugufrelsarinn (Agaetis Byrjun)
This a band that I'm working pretty hard getting into, but I'm rather unsuccessful so far. However this song is really beautiful, so maybe it's about time to give this band (another) closer look?

10. Bob Dylan: Simple Twist of Fate (Blood on the Tracks)
As described yesterday I'm also working on becoming more familiar with Bob Dylan. I believe that I'm a bit more successful with this project than the Sigur Ros one.

I don't know if everyone agree, but I think I avoided any embarrassing ones?

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