June 6, 2005

5 new albums added to my CD-Collection:
Doves: Lost Sides
Abba: Arrival
My Bloody Valentine: Loveless
Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon
Kim Larsen: Vaersgo

These 5 new additions close a couple of the worst "holes" in my collection (which now includes exactly 1000 albums).

Later today I will pick up the new Coldplay album. I'm probably not the only one who's really looking forward to listening to the most hyped album of the year so far?

I heard (part of) the new single Apocalypso by Mew for the first time on the radio this morning. It sounded unmistakably like Mew, which is rather OK I guess? I have tickets for the so-called "secret concert" in Vega tomorrow night, which should give me an idea of what to expect of the new album, which (hopefully) will be released in September.

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