June 27, 2005

A breakdown of 2005 so far

I've bought 64 CD's (61 Albums + 3 EP's) meaning that I now am the owner of more that 1000 albums on CD.
20 of the albums are 2005 releases. (A good guess is that 41 albums are older ones!)
6 albums are by Danish artists (and 3 by Swedish artists).

I think that the best album I've bought in 2005 is the debut by The Stone Roses. Other really good ones are After the Gold Rush by Neil Young, The Queen is Dead by The Smiths and Funeral by The Arcade Fire.

The best album released in 2005 (of the ones I've bought) is probably Pretty In Black by The Raveonettes and the worst (or the one I like the least) is Silent Alarm by Bloc Party.
Candidates for best album of 2005 include Kent, Coldplay, Sensuous, Figurines, Moi Caprice and Bright Eyes.

Oasis are the biggest surprise, because Don't Believe the Truth is much better than I expected. Doves are (unfortunately) the negative surprise, because, even though Some Cities is a fairly good album, it is not nearly as great as I hoped!

I've been to 4 concerts (not a lot - but a whole lot more than the last few years). As a comparison I've been to the cinema just once!

I've "discovered" (started to like) Bob Dylan, Interpol, Neil Young and Iron & Wine (just to mention a few).

Audioscrobbler has revealed to me that I like Pink Floyd a whole lot more than I thought!

The participation in a CD swap introduced me to The Lucksmiths and Of Montreal.

I've listened to more music the past 6 months than I've ever done before in my life (approximately 60 songs or 5 albums a day).

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ihavelostmytwiglets said...

You have very good music taste and a very big CD collection I only have a Hundred CDs and that makes me feel sad. I would suggest that you use them all to create a CD tower which is what my friend does when he is bored. I expect you could build an entire fort, castle or other large building out of 1000 of them.