June 8, 2005

I went to the Mew concert last night with my ol' colleague Mikkel. We had a good time, drinking a couple of beers (don't drink and drive, so I just had two small ones) and (more importantly) eating a huge plate of Shawarma (obviously this was before the concert).

The atmosphere at the concert was very intense and you quickly got the feeling that this was fans "only" concert (the concert was announced only on the Mew mailing list).
Musically the concert was somewhat of a bumpy ride, because the set list was a mix of old and new songs (from the unreleased album). It's always very difficult to hear songs for the first time at a concert and even though people really tried to be enthusiastic about the new material (the songs actually sounded OK), it definitely was the old songs like Am I Wry? No and Snow Brigade that made the place rock. They closed the show with a terrific version of the wonderful Comforting Sounds, which on its own can turn any concert into a fantastic experience.

Before the concert I did a little shopping and among things I found a DVD copy of my favorite movie; Local Hero ("There are two g's in bugger off!"). I also bought the following 5 albums (4 of them at a very low price) which have been added to my CD-Collection:
Collective Soul: Hints, Allegations & Things Left Unsaid
Love: Forever Changes (Remastered and Expanded)
Marah: Float Away With The Friday Night Gods
Winther-John: Grow

and finally (it's been quite a struggle getting this one)
Sensuous: Wide Awake In Copenhagen

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