June 10, 2005

It's been a while, but the April issue this year of Q Magazine was pretty cool. It included "The Ultimate Music Collection" (divided into genres) according to the magazine. An extra feature was that you could check how close you were to owning this collection.
I think my collection is pretty OK, so I started ticking the boxes and expected a pretty good score. Imagine my disappointment when the final verdict was "Is that all? You've got a long way to go".
Of course I knew that I would be in trouble, because I don't like Rap, Soul and Reggae at all and you can hardly call me a fan of Heavy Metal or Punk. Needless to say I did pretty well in the Rock and Indie sections, but not nearly well enough to be judged a "fully fledged music expert".

So whenever I've had the time (downloading takes time) and money, I've done my best to improve my score. I've bought some of the albums I should have checked out a long time ago like Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, My Bloody Valentine etc., but I've also checked out several of the songs they recommended, which I didn't know already.

There are still plenty of songs to choose from, but among the new (at least to me) and great ones were these:
Teenage Fanclub: Neil Jung
Led Zeppelin: Kashmir
Galaxie 500: Blue Thunder
Pavement: Cut Your Hair
Death In Vegas: Hands Around My Throat
The Walkmen: The Rat

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