June 21, 2005

Maybe it's just me, but I feel there's a kind of vacuum in the (my) world of music right now. No interesting album releases around the corner (August might have some potential). No interesting tour dates are revealed and I'm still impatiently waiting for Coldplay and Doves to announce that they will visit Denmark this year. And after all i'ts not exactly "breaking news" that Carpark North will play in my hometown in September, though I will definitely go see them.

No new releases obviously means that I should have more time to listen to some of the albums I've bought so far this year (61 to be exact, so there is plenty of catching up to do), but once you've gotten used to the steady stream of interesting new releases, you want it to continue.

Of course this could also be a hint that I should spend more time outdoors with the family, now that summer is here?

However there are lots of rumors floating around about bands recording or writing songs for their next album, so maybe there is a chance that the rest of 2005 will be just as interesting as the year so far?

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