June 20, 2005

Monday ramblings (I'll post something, whenever I can think of something):

Try listen to Hardest Part by Coldplay. I guess this is what Keane with guitars would sound like? According to this article Keane will make their second album "more raw and funky". Maybe they will add guitars after all?

912 Danes are signed up as users at Audioscrobbler. Still think that far more should sign up!

I listened to Lost Souls and The Last Broadcast by Doves last week with rather mixed emotions. Emotions were mixed because both albums are brilliant and (unfortunately) make Some Cities look really pale.

My "Swiss Connection" has sent me a copy of yet another new song by Mew (since he refers to me as his "Danish Supplier", I'm beginning to worry that we will catch the attention of the drug police!!). The song is called Why Are You Looking Grave? and after 4 listens I still don't know what to think, but I'm not very impressed!

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torr said...

Can you post that Mew song? Keane used to have guitars, but they didn't sound like that Coldplay song.