June 30, 2005

Most played songs (at work)
December 04 - June 05:

1. Interpol: Take You On A Cruise
2. New Order: Krafty
3. Kent: 400 slag
4. Fans Of Kate: Tape 23
5. OMD: Of All The Things We're Made
6. The Lucksmiths: The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco
7. Iron & Wine: Upward Over The Mountain
8. Moi Caprice: My Girl You Blush

9. Moi Caprice: To The Lighthouse
10. Fans Of Kate: Brief Guide To Coward Rock (Demo)
11. Carpark North: Best Day
12. The Smiths: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
13. Mew: Apocalypso
14. The Dresden Dolls: The Jeep Song
15. Norton: Ladybug

Bullets (Play count is rising fast):
Hard-Fi: Hard To Beat
Kent: Utan Dina Andetag
Diefenbach: Favourite Friend
Sensuous: Down
Maria Taylor: Song Beneath The Song

(information collected from WMP)

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