July 22, 2005

Friday ramblings:

I'm listening to the 1981 (debut) single Ceremony by New Order. Doesn't it sound quite a bit like Regret (from the 1993 album Republic) or to be more specific - doesn't Regret sound a lot like Ceremony?

The inclusion of Hello by Sugarbomb on the compilation I received the other day lead to an e-mail discussion on why this song wasn't a major hit. Can anyone explain?

According to Last.Fm I've listened to Precious by Depeche Mode 46 times! That's in less than 24 hours!

Another current favorite is Cold Hands (Warm Heart) by Brendan Benson. This is the first song I've ever heard from this guy, but since I've read lots of positive stuff about him, I guess it won't be the last?

Check out the recent list of artists recommended to me by Audioscrobbler. Still no chance that I will start listening to Björk or The Streets.

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