July 29, 2005

Friday ramblings:

It's been a while since I've promoted Sensuous. Go check them out - NOW!

Heard A Little Respect by Erasure on the radio this morning. What a great pop song that (still) is!

Read a small piece on Nick Drake last night. Apparently he hardly sold any albums while being alive, but today he is considered a genius. Wish more pop stars read this and were a bit more humble about their success! Way to Blue is a beautiful song!

Will try to get tickets for the Coldplay concert. They will be for sale on Monday. It might end up being very difficult and it will probably sell out in no time!

Planning to order some CD's later today. Albums by Blur, Brendan Benson (no surprise), The Magnetic Fields and Terry Hall are on the wish list! Didn't happen. Will have to wait 'till Monday.

Really should be listening to U2 as "warming-up" for the concert. Don't feel like it though!

Will be home alone tonight, so there should be plenty of time for downloading and listening to new music (though it can be difficult finding it) and maybe having a beer!

My Swiss connection has sent me several songs by Shack. Recommendable stuff!

Apparently David Gray has a new single out called The One I Love. I haven't been able to find a copy yet, but I'm looking forward to hearing it!

New single by Morning Runner called Gone Up in Flames is rather good. Makes me looking forward to an album (if they will ever release one - no info on their webpage) even more!

Another much talked about/hyped song is Emily by Stephen Fretwell. Beautiful is probably the only correct word to describe it?

This Is the Day by The The may be an oldie (22 years old in fact) - but what a brilliant one it is - brilliant? - it's f*cking great you know!

Hopefully I will continue the Ramblings tonight - so I did!!

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Benoit Lapierre said...

Hi from canada
your blog is very interesting!

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