July 17, 2005

I’m back again after 14 days in the sun (Mallorca).

From a music point of view not much happened during the holiday, because I didn’t bring any CD’s, MP3’s etc. with me. However our house did have a satellite dish, which meant that we were able to watch some sort of music TV (those dreadful German TV stations claim that what they are playing is music, so I guess the correct term is music TV?).
Having a close encounter with those channels for 2 weeks definitely made it more clearly to me than ever that people these days really are listening to horrible, horrible music. The most played videos were Lonely by Akon, Dubi Dam Dam by Banaroo and Un Monde Parfait by Ilona Mitrecey. Need I say more?
Some say they used Christina Aguilera for torturing prisoners at Guantanamo. Try these songs instead. Pretty much stuff that makes you want to kill yourself!

A couple of days before the holiday ended, my friend bought a handful of CD’s (my god they sure were illegal ones), which meant that we could listen to Coldplay, Pink Floyd and Green Day instead. Quite an upgrade - don't you think? Luckily we also managed to find a sanctuary a couple of evenings (when the wives let us out) at the local British Pub. They Brits sure have a much better taste in music than the Germans.

My holiday unfortunately meant that I didn’t get to watch much of the Live8 show, but Green Day definitely kicked a**!

If time allows me to, I will update my CD-collection tomorrow, because 4 albums have arrived while I was away.

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