July 21, 2005

Just like X-mas :-)

Yesterday I received a package from my Swiss Connection (thank you!) containing the following 4 CDs:

Teenage Fanclub: Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-Six Seconds - A Short Cut To Teenage Fanclub
Porcupine Tree: Deadwing
Morning Runner: Drawing Shapes (EP)

and finally a "home cooked" one called Cool Sounds/Summer Songs (including songs by Moi Caprice, The Raveonettes, Sugarbomb, Coldplay, Ash etc.).

Ever since getting hooked on Neil Jung I've wanted to learn more about Teenage Fanclub. This compilation should provide the perfect starting ground.

I've written before that I'm no fan of Prog-Rock, but maybe someday that Swiss dude will be able to turn me into a fan - you never know! Actually I've heard a couple of tracks from Deadwing before receiving it and they (surprise, surprise) didn't sound bad at all!

I've previously heard the brilliant song Work by Morning Runner, which can be found on the EP. Hopefully there's an album in the making!

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