August 25, 2005

In the September edition of the Danish life-style magazine Euroman there is a huge (long, large, many know what I mean - I hope) article about Mew. So far I have only read parts of it, but it confirms (as some of us have already expected/detected) that the new album Mew and the Glass Handed Kites is a complete change of style and definitely not meant to be a singles album. Instead the album should be looked upon/listened to as a whole.

With this information in mind it seems rather pointless that a single has been released (pretty much like quoting out of context), though Apocalypso definitely has stirred up the pot, started discussions (is the song good or bad, have they lost it blah, blah, blah) and (in some cases) helped building up expectations.

Euroman also reviews the album and calls it “one of the best Danish albums ever” and hands out 6 stars out of 6.

19 September still seems to be very, very far away!

Just read in a chat forum that people are willing to pay quite a lot for the two first Mew albums; A Triumph For Man and Half The World Is Watching Me. Fair enough if they are fans though it's pretty clear that they didn't become that until the release of Frengers. So be it, but I hate those who try to "squeeze the lemon" and make the most of the situation. I cannot recall how much I paid for HTWIWM (probably 150 DKK), but I would never offer it to anyone for 1,300 DKK. That's ridiculous and pretty damn close to robbery.
OK - I needed to get that off my chest - but for your own good - don't get me started ranting about the ticket sharks!

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