August 4, 2005

What seem to be a long time ago (at least it feels like that) someone posted a suggestion that I should list the Top 5 Drinking songs. That's a pretty cool idea though I (still) can't think of 5 songs to include in such a list. Instead I was inspired and started to post other Top 5's. I'm seriously considering posting the lists in a separate blogger (because the number of lists is constantly growing), but for the time being I will continue posting it like this.

Obviously none of the Top 5's are definitive and they will consequently be changed if another song qualify. I will allow multiple entries by an artist, but they same song will only appear once, which sometimes makes this quite a puzzle, because some songs qualify for more than just one list (see my comments).

The 15 TOP 5 lists so far are:

Driving Songs:
1. Feeder: Buck Rogers
2. The Stone Roses: I Wanna Be Adored (the entire album is perfect for this)
3. The Smiths: How Soon Is Now (also sparked my interest in music)
4. Incubus: Drive
5. Kent: 747

Broken Heart Songs:
1. Black: The Sweetest Smile
2. The Cure: Pictures Of You
3. U2: Unchained Melody (cover version)
4. Jeff Buckley: Last Goodbye
5. Chris Isaak: Things Go Wrong

Songs Before Going To Bed:
1. Radiohead: Street Spirit (Fade out)
2. Genesis: Carpet Crawlers
3. Mew: Comforting Sounds (longer than 8 minutes)
4. Angie Aparo: Wonderland
5. Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Silence

Songs More Than 8 Minutes Long:
1. Led Zeppelin: Kashmir
2. Television: Marquee Moon
3. David Gray: Say Hello Wave Goodbye (cover version)
4. Kraftwerk: Autobahn (from The Mix album)
5. Propaganda: Dr. Mabuse (album version)

Cover Versions:
1. Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah
2. Danny Wilson: Knowing Me, Knowing You
3. Jimi Hendrix:
All Along the Watchtower
4. The White Stripes: Jolene
5. Manic Street Preachers: Suicide is Painless {Theme from M*A*S*H}

Best Intro:
1. AC/DC: Hells Bells
2. The Verve: Bitter Sweet Symphony
3. Metallica: Enter Sandman

4. Killing Joke: Love Like Blood
5. Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here

Songs By (Almost) Unknown Artists: (or songs that should have been big)
1. The River Detectives: Saturday Night Sunday Morning
2. Cause & Effect: The Echoing Green
3. Geneva: Tranquillizer
4. Aaron McMullan: Song Bout If I Reach Her
5. Then Jerico: The Motive (Living Without You)

Morning Songs: (or songs that you will be humming the rest of the day)
1. Stereophonics: Have a Nice Day
2. The Lightning Seeds: Lucky You
3. Doves: Pounding
4. Keane: Everybody's Changing
5. Dodgy: Good Enough

Songs By Danish Artists (Sung in English):
1. Mew: Mica
2. Kashmir feat. Randi Laubek: The Ghost of No One
3. Gangway: Yellow
4. The Raveonettes: Love In a Trashcan
5. Saybia: Brilliant Sky

Songs By Danish Artists (Sung in Danish):
1. Kim Larsen: Joanna
2. Love Shop: En Nat Bliver Det Sommer
3. TV-2: Bag Duggede Ruder
4. Lars H.U.G.: Elsker Dig For Evigt
5. Gasolin': Længes Hjem

Songs With The Name Of A City In The Title:
1. David Gray: Babylon
2. Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas
3. Frank Sinatra: New York, New York
4. The Lucksmiths: The chapter in your life entitled San Francisco

5. Ultravox: Vienna

Dancing Songs:
1. George Michael: Fast Love
2. New Order: True Faith
3. Madonna: Ray of Light
4. Fat Boy Slim: Right Here, Right Now
5. Kasabian: Processed Beats

Songs Older Than Me (0 - 1968 I was born in the beginning of 1969):
1. Bob Dylan: Like a Rolling Stone (1965)
2.The Beatles: Eleanor Rigby (1966) (Songs With The Name Of A Girl In The Songtitle)
3.The Beach Boys: Sloop John B (1966)
4.The Rolling Stones: She's a Rainbow (1967)
5.The Zombies: Time of the Season (1968)

Worst Songs Ever:
1. Michael Jackson: Earth Song
2. Aerosmith:
I Don't Wanna Miss a thing
3. Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On
4. Lionel Richie: Hello

5. Nelly Furtado: Turn Of The Light (I'm Like a Bird is equally bad)

Worst Cover Versions:
1. t.A.T.u.: How Soon Is Now
2. No Doubt:
It's My Life
3. Sixpence None The Richer: There She Goes
4. Mariah Carey: Without You
5. Whitney Houston:
I Will Always Love You

*Top 5's Under construction*

Drinking Songs:
Anyone with a guitar in a bar: Whiskey in the Jar
Bon Jovi: Keep the Faith
Rye Whiskey by Tex Ritter has been suggested. Thank you dickvandyke :-)

Hang-Over Songs: *NEW*
Lit: My Own Worst Enemy

Best Song By Swedish Artist (Sung In Swedish): *NEW*
Mauro Scocco: Sarah
Freda: I En Annan Del Av Världen
Kent: Istället För Ljud

Instrumental Tracks:
New Order: Elegia
Air: La Femme d'Argent
Manic Street Preachers: If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (David Holmes Mix)

Songs That Sparked My Interest In Music:
David Bowie: Let's Dance
The Byrds: Mr. Tambourine Man (cover version)
Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit (best intro)

Songs With The Name Of A Girl In The Title: (far too many to choose from)
Adam Green: Jessica
OMD: Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans) (Songs With The Name Of A City In The Songtitle)
Interpol: Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

The Rolling Stones: Ruby Tuesday
Nasa: Paula
John Cougar: Jack and Diana
Dire Straits: Romeo and Juliet

Songs With The Name Of A Month In The Title:
Counting Crows: A Long December
The Jesus and Mary Chain: April Skies
JJ72: October Swimmer
Guns N' Roses: November Rain

Angie Aparo: Alone
Kent: Utan Dina Andetag
Oasis: Half The World Away
Keane: Snowed Under

Being In Love Songs:
The Lightning Seeds: Sense
The Jesus and Mary Chain: About You
Ash: Shining Light

Angry Woman Songs:
Suggested by Michael; Thank you :-) Not sure that I'll ever be able to think of 5 songs, but will give it a try!
A couple of suggestions have been posted (thanks again :-)), but since I don't know any of those songs I will have to check them out first!

Top 5???
Any suggestions??

I definitely will have to read High Fidelity a few more times to get some inspiration!


tom said...

Posted this earlier but, how about top 5 angry woman songs?

Anonymous said...

How about 'Mr Unhappy' by Julie Delpy for Angry Women category?

dickvandyke said...

You'll find a top old drinking song this week at

Thanks for all the sterling work

tom said...

I can send you the song if you'd like...

Roberto Campana said...

Ofcourse, "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. And "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon.

Roberto Campana said...

those for the angry woman songs obviously.

Roberto Campana said...

For the Drinking Song Top 5 I have to submit:

"Killin Time" by Clint Black

I'm not a huge country music fan, but this song is all about drinking, so it fits quite well.

Roberto Campana said...

Just remembered another one for the drinking section.

"Liquor, Beer and Wine" by Reverand Horton Heat.

That song is perfect. Just look at the name.