August 18, 2005

With the release date of their second album just around the corner (22 August), I thought the time was right to give the self-titled debut album by Danish band Grand Avenue a few spins. There was quite a lot of focus on the band prior to the release of the album, because many figured that Grand Avenue could be the "next-big-thing". Especially because the first single What's On Your Mind is one of the best debut singles ever by a Danish band. However - as it turned out - the rest of the album wasn't of the same caliber (this doesn't at all mean that the album is bad, because it's not - if you try listening to Is It Pretty or Average you'll agree) and the focus disappeared, which meant that they didn't receive the same attention as bands like Saybia, Mew, Carpark North etc. But in my opinion listening to the album is an hour very well spent and if the follow-up is just as good, there should be plenty to be looking forward to!

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