September 9, 2005

Just two days after I ordered them the CD's arrived today from the UK. I'm really, really impressed with the rapid delivery! They have of course been added to my CD-collection.

I've just ordered the following 3 albums by The Field Mice through LTM Publishing.

Snowball + Singles
Skywriting + Singles
For Keeps + Singles

The price was pretty fair - £33 including shipping.

When I've received the CD's I will post a few comments!

Pitchfork review
Brainwashed review (incl. short samples)


Chris said...

new favourite band? :D

Peter said...

I bet you won't regret buying these CDs! :-)

Michael said...

You mentioned on one of your other posts about having to pay for downloads. I found... through my cousin this site.

Most of the mp3s are 10 cents usd or if you buy the whole "album" it's cheaper. I have to join, but may soon. I might use a paypal account or something. I was using the itunes when pepsi had the free songs under the cap...