September 26, 2005


Normally I have to shake my head in disgust/disbelief when hearing/reading Tjeklisten. However this week's list does look rather decent and among the candidates are some very good songs.

So I decided to vote for the following 5 songs:

Leisure Alaska: Hey There Mr. (watch the video)
Diefenbach: Glorious
Mew: The Zookeeper's Boy (they will get plenty of votes, so no point in giving them my top votes)
Kashmir: The Curse Of Being A Girl
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Ain't No Easy Way

Sadly the music taste of the Danish radio listeners never fails to disappoint me, so Leisure Alaska (and Diefenbach) really needs your help (or rather - your VOTE!) to make the list!

This is how you vote:
Send an e-mail to before midnight Tuesday (27th) including your 5 favorite songs from the list (Leisure Alaska and Diefenbach certainly should be among your 5 picks. As long as you vote for these two bands, I'll be willing to accept that Nephew is among your picks, though voting for Crazy Frog is absolutely unforgivable!)!
Remember to write your name and address before sending!
Tell your friends to do the same!

Easy - isn't it? :-)


Parklife said...

Hey - why didn't you vote for Crazy Frog?!? It's such a great "song"!!! ;-)))))))

stytzer said...

The really sad thing is that Crazy Frog WILL make the list!!!

Even without my vote :-(

Parklife said...

"Crazy Frog" really is the complete perversion of music... I'd like to call it "anti-music"...

ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!