October 28, 2005

Got it :-)

Kent - The Hjärta Och Smärta EP

I've listened to each song at least 5 times today (some far more than that) and 2 of the tracks are just brilliant while 3 of them (in my opinion) fail to live up to expectations!

Dom Som Försvann is the standout track and is absolutely fantastic (once you get used to the children's choir it adds another wonderful dimension to their music) though opener Vi Mot Världen is not that far behind.

Ansgard & Evelyne plus Flen - Paris are fairly nice songs, but with the band's back catalogue in mind they are somewhat average. Finally the last track on the EP Månadens Erbjudande is in my opinion pretty weak (could be an entry for the Eurovision song contest), but I really should not focus on the negative aspects, because hearing new music by Kent is always great.

Overall I think the EP is less "dark" than Du & Jag Döden, which might be the reason why these songs weren't included on that album?

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