October 8, 2005

I've downloaded another bunch of MP3's. Let's see if anything interesting pops up?

Bad start with lots of garbage, but the first decent song coming my way is called Mercy Me and is by Alkaline Trio. Nothing special really. I'll cross my fingers hoping that something more interesting turns up!

Now this one is much better. Leaders Of The Free World by Elbow. Great song! More of this please!

And another brilliant one. Shadowland by Youth Group. Chris - I assume this song is on the Skeleton Jar album?

Three in a row. Demons by Battle is just great!!!

The listening session this evening started really slow, but now it has become so much more interesting (and rewarding). Fourth and fifth in line are Off The Record by My Morning Jacket and Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron.

Thank you - and good night!

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Chris said...

Youth Group: yes, it is... but there are even better ones! Check your mail! ;)