October 26, 2005

Nice American indie-pop band The Arrogants released their 23 track album called You've Always Known When Best To Say Goodbye last Monday (17 October).

The official webpage generously offers free download of 7 of the songs from the album for your listening pleasure, which (at least it was for me)should be plenty of songs for you to realize that this is a very interesting (and great) band indeed!

While visiting their webpage I also downloaded the brilliant songs from the previous EP's Nobody's Cool and Your Simple Beauty which can be done for free as well.

If you like the music (indie fans definitely will) and want to support the band, the new album can be purchased at Tweekitten.com for the bargain price of $7.50. I, for one, obviously couldn’t resist this offer, so I’ve already ordered my copy (still waiting for it to arrive though!)!

The best of the lot and the one song you "must" check out:
Don't Die Before Your Day (MP3)

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