October 18, 2005

Two posts from other blogs that I highly recommend you check out:

Lost Band Of The New Wave Era links you to a couple of songs by new (?) LA artist Eugene Edwards and one song by British band Any Trouble. I like the idea of this blog ("the purpose of this site is to give exposure to great music that never had a chance to be heard but should have.") and it just adds to my ever growing frustration of how much great unknown music that is out there!

A visit to Coast Is Clear will introduce you to Finnish band I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper. Indeed a horrible band name, but they sure make great and catchy music (indie with guitars and an electronic "twist").
And while you're there you should check out Thermostatic as well. Their music is more of the electronic kind, but still pretty damn good!

"The reliable source" Peter has also drawn my attention towards a Danish band called Cartridge. Two MP3's can be downloaded for free from their website. Interesting stuff!

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