November 15, 2005

Another pretty good song featured on the Soundvenue sampler I received last week was Tourist With A Typewriter (title track from their recent album) by Danish band Larsen & Furious Jane. I remember Anders of Help The Aged mentioning the band, but so far (to be brutally honest) their music have been totally unknown to me.
With an intention to change this, I did a little research and learned that their 2004 album I’m Glad He’s Dead seems to be widely regarded as a great album and decided that this would probably be a very good place to start my quest.
And as always my local library was a reliable source, when I want to explore unknown music and I had no problem finding the album there.
Apparently reviewers seemed had all kinds of problems defining their music. Some mentioned the borderland between indie-pop and alternative country, while others described them as country-pop, Americana, folk, melodic rock or simply plain pop.
However they didn’t seem to have any problems when it came to accolade the album and it received a string of positive reviews.
I’m now on my second listen and greatness normally take longer to flourish, but the album definitely contains a string of nice songs combined with an immediate charm that makes you look forward to become more familiar with it!

I'm Glad He's Dead tracks:
Untitled (MP3)
I Give Up (Mp3)

Official Webpage
(check out the download section for more songs)


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I'm really beginning to get into 'Tourist with a Typewriter', and I think you should check it out as well (if you already haven't). It's more of the same, and that's a good thing in my opinion.