November 30, 2005

Chris (my Swiss connection) recently went on a two day music powershopping excursion to London and Saturday I learned that among his numerous purchases were a couple of CD’s (listed below) for me as well, when I found a nice package in my mailbox.
So thank you Chris for this early Christmas present!

The River DetectivesKing Of The Ghost Train Ride
I originally learned about this band in the late 90's through an American friend. Back then I (and probably everyone else) thought the band was long gone, because they hadn't released anything since 1992. But as things turned out we (luckily) were wrong and in September this year a third album was released. 13 years may have gone, but the band still sound as great (if not better) as they did back then.
The album only runs 33 minutes, but the great melodies, the jangling guitars and beautiful harmonies quickly make you reach for the repeat button.

Some Kind Of Love (MP3)

Lano Places - Everyone Likes To be Lonely
There are quite a few bands out there (what an understatement) living in complete obscurity, even though they should be heading for fame and fortune. Norwegian band Lano Places is one those bands writing music far too great to be widely ignored. Listen to a couple of their songs and I'm certain that you will agree!

Morning RunnerBe All You Want Me To Be (single)
Great second single from British band Morning Runner. According to this article from Q Magazine the debut album is expected to be released in January next year. Could be a great one, because the band definitely has the potential! You can watch they video there as well!

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