November 11, 2005

Maybe this is what it feels like winning in the lottery? Last night my daughter and I went to the library and after spending quite some time in the children’s section, I had a couple of minutes to pick up a few CD’s before closing time.

Browsing quickly through the rather large collection at the library, I stumbled upon two albums by Puressence and decided to borrow them, because I remembered the band being mentioned in a positive fashion somewhere!

My luck I guess, because the two albums Planet Helpless and Only Forever are simply brilliant. Superb songwriting and as one reviewer pointed out; a band sounding like this simply had to come from Manchester and fans of The Stone Roses, The Charlatans or maybe even Joy Division shouldn't find it difficult to like this band!

Cannot find any free songs anywhere, but it's possible to stream a few songs at the band's webpage.

Check out today's post on the Puressence inspired band The Tides at Coast Is Clear.

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Parklife said...

You're absolutely right - Puressence are brilliant! I especially like "Analgesic love song"... By the way - there's a third P.e.-album out there (and in my collection)... ;-)