November 5, 2005

A new (and brilliant) song has been added to my Current Favorites list. It's a slow paced, dark, intense, intelligent and beautiful piece called A Rook House For Bobby by interesting British band iLiKETRAiNS.

For some reason only 500 copies of this 7" vinyl were released! I guess this means that those of us, who want to buy this song and the rest of their music (downloading from iTunes won't do!) will have to wait impatiently for a major label release?

I'm still puzzled. The voice of the lead singer reminds me of someone. Just cannot remember who! Chris - Nick Cave is actually a very good suggestion!

Watch the video
The Band's Webpage (more videos and songs can be found here)


Chris said...

it reminded me a bit of Nick Cave and the singer of Hope Of The States... great song indeed! ;)

Parklife said...

Really a good song! And the singer is reminding me of Peter Murphy...