November 18, 2005

Yesterday I posted a list of songs I had downloaded the day before. Among those artists particularly one band caught my attention.
Swedish duo Memoplay is a rather new constellation (the members do have experience from several other bands) performing music which could be described as a bit experimental yet catchy pop music which has been through the electronic blender. According to the information I’ve been able to find one member writes and records the songs on guitar (+ vocals) and then sends them to the other guy, who adds various sounds and mixes them beyond recognition. The songs travel back and forth this way until the end result is satisfactory.
So far no official releases are available, but thankfully/luckily the band's complete production of 4 songs can be downloaded for free from their somewhat incomplete webpage. However promise is that more songs, tour dates (try to include Helsingborg) and information will be added. You better keep that promise guys, because I’m really looking forward to your next output!

Webpage - Download section

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Chris said...

Lucky then I was in time to get them! :)