December 29, 2005

Canadian band The Airfields lists "sarah records' brand of indie-pop" among their influences, which of course made me curious. Luckily I wasn't disappointed, when I listened to the guys, because this is a really great indie band. According to their webpage an album will be released next year, which definitely is something to be looking forward to!
The Airfields
City-State (MP3)
Leaps And Bounds (MP3)

Another brilliant indie act is British band The Clientele. Opening track Since K Got Over Me from the 2005 album Strange Geometry is nothing but fabulous, so I simply had to order the album. In October The Airfields opened for The Clientele at Lee's palace in Toronto. Must have been great!?

The Clientele
Since K Got Over Me (MP3)
St Paul's Beneath A Sinking Sky (MP3)

NY band My Teenage Stride (not really a band - "just" a singer/songwriter called Jedediah Smith) plays nice and cheerful pop music, which helps making the spirit rise when it's cold and snowing outside.

My Teenage Stride
You Only Want To Dance To The Happy Mondays (MP3)
Reversal Of A Red Bird (MP3)

Great Danish blog (not too many of those) DoCopenhagen has a post today about the Canadian band Immaculate Machine. Good stuff!!

Immaculate Machine
Broken Ship (MP3)
Phone No. (MP3)

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Gigantical said...

I don't usually comment on blogs, but I had to for this. Thanks for introducing me to Immaculate Machine and The Clientele. Two great bands. I love your blog (and have even stolen a thing or two from you.) I really like St. Paul's Beneath a Sinking Sky and especially Phone No. (what a great song) Thanks!