December 20, 2005

Yesterday when browsing through the webpage of Record Company Dead Frog Records, I found a couple of nice songs by German guitar-pop/rock band Phonodrive.

A quick visit at the band’s webpage revealed that both albums released by the band so far are available as free downloads (the debut One at 56 kbps only though), which was a bit too tempting to resist. Apparently the second album Music is only available from the webpage, which could explain the free download?

So this morning I’ve been busy listening to the band’s efforts and overall the songs are of such great variety that you get an impression that the band don’t want to be stuck and instead is looking intensively for inspiration from a wide range of other bands and musical genres.

When all's said and done everything seems to blend nicely and though not every song makes you go wild this band is by far too great to be unknown!

Don’t Forget Me (MP3)
Up And Away (MP3)
Think About (MP3) Added to my Current Favorites

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