December 2, 2005

Zzzzzzzzzz – I must have been sleeping! What else can explain why I’ve completely overlooked Alligator by The National.
The album was released nearly 8 months ago and now it starts appearing on various year end lists as one of the best albums of 2005, so I obviously believe that I must have missed something!
So time to wake up now and give that album a listen. As always our local library is a reliable source and I was able to pick up the album there last week. Two listens and so far I'm really impressed.
The band sounds to me like a mix of a few other bands. For example try to combine the melodies of Coldplay with the sound of Wilco and darkness and coolness of Interpol. Probably not quite right, but it should give you some sort of idea of what’s going on here!
Another album added to the shopping list.

The National (myspace)
All The Wine (MP3)
Lit Up (Video)
Secret Meeting (Stream/Mp3) added to my current favorites!
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