January 19, 2006

If you're feeling bored tonight, I suggest you spend your time listening to these two great bands instead:

Barfly seem to be mighty popular at MySpace, but as the ignorant person I am this band is completely new to me, so I thought it was OK to mention these guys after all! If you mix the music of Puressence and JJ72, there should be a good chance that the result will be something sounding like Barfly. So obviously I think this is really great! Apparently a debut album is being/has been recorded, which definitely is something to be looking forward to!
Don't You Move
Something Good Again

Indie pop performed by a band from Finland might not sound as a tempting combination, but Cats On Fire easily proves that there is absolutely nothing to "fear". Actually it's quite nice for a change that a great sounding indie band isn't Swedish!

Higher Ground
The Smell Of An Artist
Never Land Here

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