January 21, 2006

It's a quiet Saturday evening. I'm sitting by the computer with a nice glass of stout from the Danish microbrewery Skands in front of me, so I'm as ready as ever to listen to some music. So let's see if I find something interesting!

The Picture - It's Alright
I found this band in Chris' friends list. Good one Chris!

Ten Percent Less - Burn Brighter
If you trust everything you read this band is a legendary indie-emo band from Isle of Wight. Never heard of them and to me this sounds like a rock band inspired by the music of the 70's. I might be wrong, but who cares as long as the music is really great? And this stuff is!

The Anxious Animator - The First Act
This one fits the category "interesting" perfectly. Not sure whether I really like it or not, but the song sure caught my attention!

The Fridaynight Club - Aeroplanes
However there is absolutely no doubt that I like this one! The only information I can find about the band is that it is a indie/alternative/rock band from the UK. That's all I know!

Decoration - Intercom
A really nice pop song, by this UK band!

I've finally updated my list of Current Favorites. 4 new songs by Barfly, Currents, Division Day and The Fridaynight Club have been added!

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