January 11, 2006

Today I will be marching along to:

Francis 7 - Splitting In Two
I haven't added much to my Current Favorites list for a while, but this song quickly changed that. The band describes the music as "atmospheric dreamy new wave post-punk dreampop shoegaze" and it's difficult to add anything! 6 minutes of utter brilliance!

Tales Of Jenny - Noone Appreciates The Sky
A catchy one from this bunch of young English lads. The rest of the stuff the band has recorded can be found here.

Second Language - In A Little While
Another song added to my Current Favorites list. If you haven't guessed it already this is (for a change) a Swedish indie/pop/folk band. And a great one I should add! More songs can be found here.

The Elderly- Wellington
Yet another Swedish indie band. Need I say more?

The Skydivers - If You Want
This band is not from Sweden and sounds more like U2 than indie! Listening to something else is nice every now and then!

Pale Sunday - The White Tambourine
Finally I'm heading for Brazil to get back on the indie track. Once again an almost unknown band surprises me with a brilliant song! Rounds up today's post very nicely indeed!

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