January 12, 2006

Today I've been humming while listening to:

Budapest - 1979
A fairly decent cover version of the brilliant original by The Smashing Pumpkins.

IKO - Hologram
Fronted by ex-Buffseeds singer Kieran Scragg, IKO delivers a nice, quiet and beautiful first output from debut album I Am Zero (to be released in March).

The Radio Art - Let Go
Not a day without some Swedish Indie pop in my playlist! And once again this is a really great one!

Anubia - Goodbye Now
I've mentioned Goodbye Now by Danes Anubia before and the song is definitely good enough to be recommended one more time!


torr said...

Do Budapest still exist? e-mail me and let me know.

asilentroom said...

I discovered that you put a Budapest mp3 two days ago. I didn't know it. Happy that you had mentioned in your blog.
And about the question made by Torr. They split last November or December. Reasons in their myspace www.myspace.com/budpapestband

Now the singer John Garrison will be released his solo debut album soon. There are some demos in my blogs. And you can listen to his stuff in his MySpace too www.myspace.com/johngarrisonmusic . And Chris Pemberton is in Broked Dolls (UK) band, they will release their debut album soon too.
And Jimmy Lampsworth is making hiw own music too.

Have a nice weekend!!