January 31, 2006

What's spinning?

The Knight In Plaster - A Nasty Piece Of Work
I downloaded quite a few songs yesterday and this was the only decent one I found.

F - Shoegazer
Great one posted by Peter. Reminds me a bit of Up On The Downside by Ocean Colour Scene. Just better!

Statedlife - Gone
A very nice and beautiful instrumental piece. If vocals were added this could be a relly great one.

We Are Trees - Piece Of Plastic
Described as dark, melodic pop influenced by the Stones (Roses and Rolling). Not a bad description really!

The Greens - Didn't Like The Feeling
Nice acoustic pop song from this UK band.

Washhouse - All I Want
Brilliant and catchy acoustic pop song from another UK band. 80 Kbps only, which is quite a shame!

Duels - Potential Futures
Catchy indie rock song from yet another UK band. For a moment the UK has overtaken the throne from the Swedes!

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