February 3, 2006

Chris is having quite an influence on the music I'm listening to today!

First he mentioned the iLiKETRAiNS forum, so I decided to register. The members there share quite a few songs by the band, so it didn't last long before I was busy downloading. I like this band a lot and you really should check them out if you haven't done so already!


Then he sent me a few songs I didn't know by Vib Gyor. I've mentioned this band before, but a good deed cannot be repeated to often! This is great stuff and Vib Gyor is definitely another band worth a closer look!

Vib Gyor - Fallen (Demo)

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Parklife said...

I have to "admit" that I'm really starting to like Viy Gyor (despite the somehow strange name :-) - "Fallen" is great! Reminds me a bit of Puressence and similiar UrbanMelancholic-bands...