February 6, 2006

Monday Music:

Mavis - Point Of No Concern
New song (made available for download today) by this very promising Danish band. I still think that I like some of the older songs a bit better, but this is still a very good rock song! Though shorter and more "rockier" than I expected! In all honesty it took a few listens getting used to the "new"? sound. But at the end of the day I think it's a really great song!

Citrus - Into My Head
A really nice piano ballad!

Venice Is Sinking - Pulaski Heights
It's been quite some time since the last time I mentioned this brilliant song!

50ftmonster - Black Dog (WMA)
Two members of Catherine Wheel are in this band.

The Colorfield - 7States Of Bliss
Never heard of these guys, but they seem to mighty popular at Myspace. As always I cannot think of how to describe the music, but trust me - this one is really good!

Uncle Black - A Pocketful Of Holes
Quite nice indie pop song.

The Angel Hurricane - Hey Sunday
The best song I've found this afternoon. So I haven't been all that successful I guess?

And the final song of the day....

The Chase - High Flyer
Using the band's own description; a punchy pop song!

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