February 24, 2006

Words, Words, words, words….and a little music

Yesterday I ordered the new album There Is A Beat In All Machines by Veto, which will be released in Denmark on Monday. I’ve seen three reviews of the album so far (Euroman + Soundvenue + Gaffa) and they hand out 5 stars twice and 4 stars once. I also ordered albums by We Are Scientists and Campsite. Next month will bring us album releases by Epo-555, Mads Langer and The Radio Dept., so after a slow start of the year there is now plenty of good music to be looking forward to.

I’m not very good at updating my CD-collection these days, but I’ve created this list at RateYourMusic of all the new additions to my collection in 2006.

I’ve owed Andreas of Celestial 2 CD’s for what seems like forever. Yesterday I finally finished those CD’s and I will ship them tomorrow. It feels really nice getting rid of a very guilty conscience.

I seriously cannot recall the last time I used the filesharing program installed at my computer at home. Why bother searching for illegal music files, when there is so much great, free and legal music available out there? And as you can see from the opening lines of this post I still buy plenty of music, so I really don’t feel like I’m robbing anyone! Btw. Finding the great (or at least good) music isn't always easy. I think I listen to 8-10 other songs for each song I post in my blog. Dirty job; I know ;-)

Chris my Swiss "connection" is going to London this weekend and I cannot say anything except than I’ve jealous, jealous, jealous. London is probably my favorite city in the world and going there for some music shopping, for a few pints in a bar and maybe a concert would definitely be ace. Oh well the kids will grow up some day and then I’ll rise and shine :-)

I now have 320+ “friends” at Myspace and although the whole thing must be considered very superficial, it does provide a constant stream of information on some of my favorite bands, thus making the life easier for a music blogger.

Hopefully I’ll update my Current Favorites list during the weekend. Expect to see songs by EPO-555, El Video, Fathom 5, Showroom, Head Like A Kite and Anamia entering the list.

Classic rock band The Thieves has "befriended" me at Myspace. My Old Mind [MP3] is just great.

4 new songs by Budapest are available at Myspace. Miracles [MP3] is the best one of the four.

I haven't posted any tributes to Swedish music this week, but just to prove that I haven't completely turned my back to Sweden here is Please Wait [MP3] by Consequences.

and the final one of the day:

Swede (Sweden again) Karl Frank does his very best to sound like The Radio Dept.! I prefer the originals but Red Lights [MP3] is a pretty nice one...

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