March 10, 2006

The Danish album chart is pretty much a joke once again this week (Danser Med Drenge is probably the worst band ever in the history of Danish music), though two entries are worth mentioning. First of all VETO rises from 57 to 21 which indeed is very positive. Apparently there are a few people in Denmark listening to decent music after all. DMDK the Depeche Mode tribute enters at no. 36. This is worth mentioning because the cover versions are by some of the better Danish bands (e.g. Moi Caprice, Figurines, EPO-555 and Diefenbach). Stream the songs here.

Anamia keyboardist Mogens Møller has a small side project called tWAMi, where he composes and plays electronic music inspired by Moby, Jean-Michel Jarre etc. At first I was a bit hesitant towards listening to it, because this kind of music doesn't really fit with the alternative/indie wave I'm currently riding. However the music turned to be a real surprise, because it's playful, entertaining and very catchy. Might even be perfect for a movie (Mission Impossible maybe?) soundtrack! And once you have listened to this stuff, you quickly realize who is behind the two great Anamia remixes! Cannot help wondering what the end result would be, if MM started co-writing some of the Anamia songs!
Distorded Dealers [MP3]
Peak Roller [MP3]
Underground Stroke [MP3]
Ain't about Rock [MP3]

Will there ever be a better time for some tongue-in-cheek indie pop than a Friday afternoon? Guess not! The music and lyrics of UK band Fosca are rather difficult to describe except that they are quite unpredictable (the next song doesn't sound like the one before). Currently working on a third album - the two previous ones released in 2000 and 2002 on Shinkansen Recordings. Truly enjoyable!
Secret Crush On Third Trombone [MP3]
The Millionaire Of Your Own Hair [MP3]
Storytelling Johnny [MP3]

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