March 26, 2006

French Music

Lots of thanks to Steph for recommending French band Celluloide to me. The music is cool, catchy, danceable and very 80's inspired electro pop. 3 of the songs available as free download are from the 2004 album Words Once Said, while the final track Wounds Of Love is from the 2002 album Naive Heart. All of the songs are really great and highly recommendable!
A 6 track EP called Bodypop was released earlier this month, which probably is something to check out! A couple of the new tracks can be streamed at
Show Me The Way [mp3]
Wounds Of Love [mp3]
Synchronise [mp3]
This Aching Kiss [mp3]

Dekad is another French electronic pop band, and once again this is a band I've found at Myspace. Influenced by other bands like De/Vision, Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails, Dekad are A little darker/tougher than Celluloide, but equally good.

Peacefull [mp3]
Emergency (blind mix) [mp3]


merz said...

nice one and love to learn something new. Excellent posts on this here blog!

Boeb'is said...

good to see some people interested by french music (i m french). I ve just post an article and uploaded a mixtape of the best and most famous french music from the 30s to the 00s. Hope you'll discover other french bands.

Guuzbourg said...

More french music, from past to present, from yeye to electronica, on my blog: