March 16, 2006

I Love Thursdays:

Why? Probably lots of reason why, but at least I know of these two reasons why I think this Thursday is great:
1. It's Friday tomorrow (meaning that the weekend is not far away). Luckily this is the case every week :-)
2. An episode of the TV-series Waking The Dead is aired tonight.

Lots of music arrived in the mail yesterday. Actually too much to list (4 albums, 1 sampler and 3 EPs), but I'll try (no promises) to mention the stuff along the way when I've listened to it!

Among the albums was the much anticipated Mafia by playful Danish electro, indie, alternative, noise-rock (and so on) band EPO-555 and the first impression is very positive. The band will perform at the SXSW festival tonight, so if you're among the fortunate people being somewhere in the neighborhood, don't miss this fantastic opportunity! Stream 3 songs from the album at the band's webpage or download Harry Mämbourg [mp3].

I strongly recommend that you visit the blogs of Chris and Peter, because as always lots of interesting stuff can be found there! They have recently introduced me to bands like Faunts, E.Z. Basic, Amber Smith, All Mighty Whispers, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness and......Since I wrote this they have both added more interesting stuff!

Super blog It's A Trap mentions/offers No I In Team [mp3] by The Alpine and It's Not The End Of The World [mp3] by Le Sport. Great stuff!

Two songs by The Raveonettes are available for download at Myspace. Please You [mp3] and Bubblegum [mp3].

If you're interested in listening to the debut album Attention Please by Mads Langer, which will be released on Monday, you can stream it here.

Looking around yesterday I found Danish electro pop/rock band Port Largo. It might take a listen or two getting used to the voice of the lead singer, but the music is definitely interesting!
Breakdown Into Fiction [mp3]
King Of Great [mp3]
Stop [mp3]

Steph - thanks for the nice comment the other day! Wanted to write an e-mail, but couldn't find an address, so receive the thank you this way instead!


Parklife said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong but Port Lago sounds a lot like a mixture of Mew and Epo-555... so it's definitely well worth listening to!

Parklife said...

Ah, and there's a bit of Spleen United in it as well. :-)

Parklife said...

After listening to the three songs a few times now Ih ave to say that there's MUCH of Spleen United in their songs! :-)

cookie1983 said...

Hejsa, er du ikke flink at uploade Port Largo sangene igen? :)

stytzer said...

@Cookie - det var godt nok en gammel post. Tror nok jeg har sangene derhjemme, men er ikke sikker. If so, skal jeg nok lægge dem ud igen!