March 15, 2006

In my "six-pack" yesterday evening I mentioned Danish duo Ehlers/Thejsen. This was quite a mistake, because these guys are really great and they sure deserve more than just a one-liner. This singer/songwriter duo plays a laid-back kind of acoustic soul folk (the "experts" describe the music like this), which are perfectly suited for the quiet moments in life or maybe even when eating your Sunday brunch. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, lean back, close your eyes and enjoy!

Art Of Loneliness [mp3]
Dozed Off [mp3]
Echoes In Sad Eyes [mp3]
Old Boys [mp3]

1 comment:

Jonas Thejsen said...

Tusind tak for de fine ord - det betyder uroligt meget for os at blive "opdaget" på den måde. Kh Ehlers/Thejsen