March 13, 2006

Kind Of Girl

The string of promising and talented Danish bands seems endless. On my daily cruise through Myspace I came across yet another one; Copenhagen based 5-piece Kind Of Girl. The band describes the music as indie pop/rock (with a wide range of influences) and all of the 4 songs available as free downloads are irresistible and immediately catchy (trust me - I've spent the past 1½ hour listening to the songs!). The band is currently working on getting radio airplay and hopefully a record contract, so support the band by listening to the music and befriending them at Myspace.

Webpage + Myspace
Slave To Your Charms [MP3]
If You Say [MP3]
Poetry Boy [MP3]
Watch In Wonder [MP3]


Steph said...

I just wanted to leave a comment that basically I am obsessed with your blog. You are consistantly finding amazing music that I have been obsessing after hearing from you.
I just wanted to let you knwo that and seriously coming to work on Mondays one of the first things I do is check your music picks and start off the week.

~ Steph

azzulviolet said...