March 23, 2006

Words galore

NY based Danish singer/songwriter Martin Bernt released his debut album Juxtapose in February this year. Influenced by a string of well-known artists like David Bowie, PJ Harvey, The Smiths a.o., Martin Bernt creates a "musical universe wrapped in acoustics, noisy guitars and spherical keyboards". The songs I've heard so far are simply great and yet again I'm surprised and puzzled how a talented and very interesting artist like this can be virtually unknown!
You Know They Trick You [mp3]
When We Came To The Party [mp3]
Check Your Head [mp3]
City Crawlers [mp3]

Nizlopi are releasing a new (and fairly nice) single called Girls on 3rd April. Watch the video or listen to a very bad live version [mp3] of the song.

Music blogs Mars Needs Guitars and clever titles are so last summer have been so kind to link back to me, so please do me a favor and pay them a visit.

I now have 467 "friends" at Myspace. Very superficial indeed, but the constant flow of bulletin entries is very useful!

A while back I mentioned the debut single Grow Young [mp3] by Swedish indie pop band Paperplane. Now two new (unmastered) songs Take You Out [mp3] and the very catchy Dreammaker [mp3] are available at Myspace. Both songs are from the forthcoming album How To Get To The Sky.

It's almost getting tiresome. Not a day without a great tip from Peter. Today it's the very fine Stone [mp3] by Danish electronic duo Sepiamusic.


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